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Outdoor Kitchen, Fireplace, & Features

With or without a splash pool, entertaining outside can be an enjoyable occasion to bring together family and friends.

Sit back and relax in front of a warm and inviting fire place.  Or break out the marshmallows for a fire toasted sweet treat.

giant fireplace stone double sided night
TVMedia Fireplace Stone

Fire elements can be powered by natural wood, charcoal, or Natural Gas/Liquid Propane

Additional accents to fire features is the use of colored glass creating more shimmer and glow.

cedar pavilion cast stone-columns swimming pool firepit patio furniture
Kitchen Grill Brick Granite Travertine

Why not spice it up with a grill and cook station? When cooking outdoors is The Right Choice... gas side burners and grills are the best for smokey or fried  cooking. 

Bobby's Outdoor Kitchen Bar.jpeg

You Buy It, We Build It! The Outdoor Lover’s Dream, The Ultimate Patio Kitchen!

Savvy Consumers take advantage of bargain pricing on select outdoor grills and other components like refrigerator, drawers, doors, kegerator, and more…. let's design together!

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