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Maintenance & Renovation

Owning a home can mean freedom and stability for many of us.  It also means that you will have to perform routine maintenance to ensure that your home remains stable for years to come.  In North Texas, especially in the DFW Metroplex, shifting land due to the soil composition and condition (or what your home is built on) often causes weak mortar to break and come loose from the brick or stone on your home’s facade.  If you are planning to sell your home at some point in the future, broken mortar joints and masonry cracks can be the preventable deal-breaker that torpedoes your sale.  Our masonry experts can revive your old masonry joints by using a method known as tuck pointing the mortar to create a fresh, new look with clean lines and no cracks!  Talk about curb appeal!

masonry crew repointing mortar on brick
Slurry mortar on fireplace stone wall-1.

See how our talented stonemasons transformed this outdated interior wall and fireplace into a bright, chic space that combines the hushed tranquility of nature with classic Old World charm.  Before Borders Masonry was brought in to renovate this room, the dark grout stood out in harsh contrast against the white Austin limestone, taking away focus from their alluring fossil inset, and making the room feel dark and uninviting.  We used a special mortaring process called slurry mortar, or slurry grouting, to update the stone wall with a chic, white-washed, natural vibe.  The result is a bright, peaceful space that feels both sophisticated and cozy, the perfect place to entertain guests and share a meal with loved ones.

Finished stone fireplace wall renovation by covering all with a white mortar slurry finish.

Our experienced stonemasons carefully preserved the fossil shell inset to create a stylish, updated look, while maintaining the natural aesthetic that our clients loved.

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