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Brick Mailbox Repair For Spectacular Curb Appeal

Accidents happen and curbside mailboxes are a target for mistakes. In most cases, the entire mailbox structure will need to be rebuilt.  Whether brick, stone, or concrete, we will rebuild according to HOA requirements, and as closely as possible to the original material and design.

Brick mailbox structure destroyed by vehicular impact

Brick and mortar are among the oldest building materials known to man, standing the test of time in both strength and design. The world’s greatest structures of all time — the Egyptian Pyramids, Rome’s Colosseum, India's Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China — would not have been possible without the skilled craftsmanship of masons.


If you’re trying to enhance the curb appeal of your home, one of the first places to look is at your mailbox. The mailbox is often snubbed when homeowners are considering the outside of their house and property.

Life Is In The Details — And The Mailbox

Custom mailbox structure with 4 material sections: light limestone base with cast stone ledge and top, red mix brick upper half of structure. Black mail receptacle, cast address plaque, lamp illumination.

Mail delivery changed civilization and when mailboxes became mandatory in 1923 — each household had to have a mailbox or letter slot — the importance of the mailbox was cemented in history. 


 That’s why skipping the mailbox upgrade is a mistake — every home has to have one, and it’s used daily. Not only is your mailbox a focal point, it’s often one of the first details people notice about the front of your home. Having a mailbox in need of repair or replacement — especially if you need brick mailbox repair —sets the stage for misconceptions about the rest of your property.


Whether you’re looking to elevate your home’s curb appeal for a real estate listing or because it’s just time, don’t skip your mailbox. It’s an overlooked opportunity that packs a lot of bang for the buck and can shape your home’s exterior style while also complementing your property’s overall design.

Some 63 percent of people shopping for a home judge it from the outside before making an appointment to tour the inside, according to the National Association of Realtors. Homes with desirable curb appeal sell faster — and also command higher prices. Upping the curb appeal of your property makes good financial sense.

You Never Get Another Chance To Make A First Impression

First impressions are often cemented within seconds. A Princeton study found that first impressions of people, places and things are formed within a tenth of a second. Further, those initial impressions are difficult to forget.


If you’re planning to sell your home, keep in mind that prospective buyers likely will have their mind made up shortly after walking through your front door. Curb appeal is about shining a light on your home’s outdoor space, and ensuring that everyone who pulls up to your house for the first time is impressed. And although outdoor design elements go through trends, there are some classic style points that never go out, like brick mailboxes. 

There are more than 142 million mailboxes in the U.S. and an estimated 50 million are curbside mailboxes. Since most houses need a mailbox, why not make yours a design asset? A mailbox that coordinates with your home’s exterior will make your entire property seem more inviting. Whether you need brick mailbox repair or you’re thinking about a total mailbox redesign, you’ll be amazed at the many options available.

Custom Limestone mailbox structure with cast stone address plaque and accents

Common Signs You Need Brick Mailbox Repair

If you have a brick mailbox, you will notice that over time, both bricks and mortar will start to show signs of deterioration. Loose bricks, cracks, a rusted receptacle, deteriorated mortar, and leaning mailboxes are all signs that it’s time for brick mailbox repair


When considering brick mailbox repair, look at some of the work the mason has done. Brick mailbox repair shouldn’t be noticeable. There shouldn’t be distinguishable patches and the color matching should be flawless. The bricks or stones should also match in size, color, pattern, and joint size. 

Mailbox 5 with Raised Planter

Here are some of the most common repair issues:


  • Cracks: The most common reason bricks become loose and mortar cracks is due to repeated exposure to moisture. A skilled masonry company will be able to match colors, whether the bricks need repair or replacement. It’s a good idea to apply water sealer protection every five years.

  • Leaning mailbox: As long as your mailbox wasn’t hit by a car or truck, it can likely be repaired unless it’s totally upended and in pieces. The best brick mailbox won’t hold up if it is built on a lousy foundation. Ideally, the foundation should be concrete reinforced with rebars. Luckily, most of the time a leaning mailbox can be leveled and reinforced. 

  • Rusted receptacle: Time and weather conditions will eventually ruin an aluminum receptacle, even if it’s encased in brick. This usually requires rebuilding the top portion of the brick structure in addition to replacing the receptacle. When replacing the box, ask your mason to upgrade the material to something more durable.

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Sidestep Premature Brick Mailbox Repair With Prevention

Mailbox Structure: Bottom half and top cap is Texas Lueders Stone with red mix brick upper half. Address plaque and black metal mail receptacle.

Bricks can endure heat, cold, moisture, intense sun, chemical exposure, and more. Bricks have survived the test of time under numerous conditions, probably more so more than any other construction material.


Not only is brick mailbox construction an easy way to add charm to the front of your house, it’s also a secure way to keep your mail protected from the elements and safe from thieves.


If your brick mailbox structure is crumbling, cracked or leaning, it will be an eyesore instead of an asset. There are several factors that can trigger the need for premature brick mailbox repair. Some concerns you may not have control over — like how the foundation was set if the brick mailbox came with your house.

But there are several potential issues that are in your control and can serve as preventive measures against more serious concerns.

  • Soil shrinkage: Drought-like conditions cause soil to shrink and pull away from the foundation. When this happens, the soil weakens and destabilizes.

  • Poor soil compaction: If the soil isn’t adequately compacted, the structure will become unstable and stress fractures can appear. Some soils are more prone to poor compaction — high salt, high clay fraction, low pH, and high water content.

  • Freeze-thaw cycles: A freeze-thaw cycle — temperature fluctuations alternating between above freezing and below freezing — can cause heaving under the bricks, which will cause mortar cracks over time.

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